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Death of a Salesman

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

A few years ago I saw Death of a Salesman, a very powerful and emotional play. I also read it when I was a teenager, and swore the last thing I would ever be was a salesperson (go figure) because:

- I didn't want to be so needy, dependent on others as Willy Loman

- I didn't want to live my life without love from my family

- I didn't want to say things to please vs. say what I really mean

- I didn't want to base my happiness on how and if others received me or gave me an order

- I didn't want to be away so much from my family that we would disconnect

- I didn't want to be so lonely.

So here are my Death of a Salesman resolutions to be a better salesperson and human being:

- I will be as successful as possible without being overly defined as a salesperson

- Selling is not a way for me to get accolades and fill the emptiness inside of me

- I will say what I want to say in a polite, caring but direct way vs. lack integrity

- I will revel in my capabilities and express myself confidently vs. in a needy way

- I will help people because I want and like to

- I will not define my happiness by how many orders I have

- If you can’t understand my value to you, so be it.

- Being offended or bothered by people being impolite, is aligned with needing their confirmation. I won’t be offended any longer.

- I will do things I want to do vs. the things I am fearful about not doing

- I will have confidence that all will be fine regardless of the outcome

With these resolutions I will:

- do better for people

- do an even better job than I already do

- be happier and make those around me happier

- and make more money

Nice combination!

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