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Jonathan London's Upcoming Book:

Selling Mindfully

Presence in the Midst of Selling 

Chapter 1

A Little Bit about Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is so simple, but not so easy.  Focusing on whatever you are doing is being mindful. When your mind goes off, which it will, come back to what you were focusing on. Your focus could be your breath, walking, waiting, talking to somebody, playing tennis, showering, eating, etc. Being present the midst of sublte or gross activity is being mindful. That is it folks. Don't need to go anywhere else to know what it is.If you know this, you know mindfulness. However, the quality of your attention makes all the difference. Are you crtical and judgemental, or understanding and patient with yourself? 


It is said that when you are being mindful, that separation between you and whatever you are being mindful with disappears. That you “become” merged with what you are present with. This is true of anything, including when you are  with people. And when that happens, it is unusual, beautiful (and ideal for interacting and selling).


I use analogies or metaphors to help explain these things. Some of these are;


  • Imagine driving quickly through a beautiful neighborhood or scenic area. Then slowing down and doing the same on a bicycle. And then slowing down even more by walking. Which would you see, hear, smell, hear or touch more? Which experience would be fuller and more satisfying?

  • You are driving in the fog (I guess I like car metaphors), and, appropriately only focusing on what is right in front of you so you don't get hurt. Scared for yourself and others. And suddenly, the fog disappears and you see a beautiful vista. Your heart expands. You smile and hug those with you. Mindfulness lets you see a “bigger picture”

  • Watching a game vs playing in the game. The latter is much richer and more fun (for me)

  • Mindfulness is like radar. It has no thoughts. It is loving, kind, inquisitive, awareness. It is nothing but awareness of what happens. It pings with a beautiful sound (pick one you like) whenever it detects something. But is non-judgemental towards you and others.


Perhaps the simplest and most profound definition is from Ram Dass which is:

“Be Here Now”.


According to the Huffington Post, some of the benefits of mindfulness  are:


  1. It lowers stress — literally.

  2. It lets us get to know our true selves. 

  3. It changes the brain in a protective way. 

  4. It makes music sound better

  5. It helps us even when we’re not actively practicing it. 

  6. It has four elements that help us in different ways:  body awareness, self-awareness, regulation of emotion and regulation of attention. 

  7. It helps you sleep better.

I would add:

  1. It makes you a better person 

  2. It improves focus 

  3. It sparks innovation

  4. Like working out at the gym, after a workout of mindfulness (meditation), the benefits go with you. The more you practice being mindful, the more it will stay with you.[3]


Words also used for mindfulness can be:

  • paying attention gently, (like watching a puppy, or a baby breath)

  • slowing down

  • gently focusing

  • becoming aware

  • relaxed attention

  • deep listening and receiving

  • being grounded and spacious

  • presence


In high school and college,I  played hard when I  played basketball. When I got tired, my game and my team would suffer. But because of my focus/presence, I would catch my second breath, get into a “zone”, be present, and everything slowed down. I was relaxed and more intuitive. I could see the whole court and where everyone was. The basket became bigger. I did things more instinctively, passed much better, and I had limitless energy. I was more confident and have much more fun while I was playing. Winning was always great, but it didn't really matter once I was in that place.


And  now imagine you can create that rich an experience for yourself and others while you are selling!

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