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Selling Mindfully workshops are currently virtual but always experiential. The technology we use is excellent in mimicking an in-person environment, so the same highly interactive format of an in-person workshop, with subtle modifications to a virtual environment will be used.

You will have an opportunity to work collaboratively with your peers, or other sales experts to master the best mindful selling practices. This supports your own practice of mindfulness and drives better sales performance.

Workshop Structure:


  • Workshop 1: A Little Bit about Mindfulness and Meditation

    • what is the difference​

    • what are the benefits of mindfulness

    • what are the qualities underneath mindfulness that are important in your sales efforts

    • meditation and mindfulness exercises and practices


  • Workshop 2: Emotions, Fear and Selling

    • why emotions and fear are so prevalent in a sales process​ for all 

    • when and where emotions arise most strongly

    • how does mindfulness help ease fear for the customer and you

    • techniques to ease strong fear and other emotions 


  • Workshop 3: Handling Pressure, A Different Way Of Being With Time   

    • a different view of time

    • doing everything without the pressure​

    • feeling calm and at ease while running frantically around

    • practices to use while in the midst of it all


  • Workshop 4: Selling Mindfully

    • Mindful selling approaches and techniques will be applied to 5 different stages/skills of the sales process including:

      • Prospecting​

      • The Initial Meeting

      • Presenting your Solution

      • Handling Objections

      • Closing

Each workshop is 2-hours of online, interactive teaching and exercises. Each session is recorded for you to return to when necessary, as well as 12 months of email support.

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