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Mindful Coaching

Jonathan has coached thousands of people to help them through difficult times, or to be better than they already are. The coaching sessions work this way:


  • You will select from a variety of different skills and attributes of selling that you want to get better at.

  • We will apply mindfulness to these skills so you are better prepared to apply these in real situations, be more competitive and win more deals.

  • Via Zoom conferencing (each 30-45 minutes), sessions will be taught every other week with an assignment between each session. With your permission these sessions will be recorded for review.

  • Each session will begin with a review of the previous assignment and continue with the next coaching session. The modules include:  

  1. Getting Out of Your Own Way – DiSC

  2. Demonstrating Competency and Building Trust thru Mindfulness

  3. Chaos and Time Management

  4. Mindfulness to Gain Access to Power aka Prospecting

  5. S.PRI.N.G.TM Dialogues (Situation, Priorities, Needs, Gain)

  6. Mindful Presentations & Demonstrations

  7. Mindfully Anticipating, Preventing and Handling Objections

  8. Closing Mindfully

  9. Negotiating a Win-Win-Win

  10. Working with Your Inner Critic

  11. What is a Mindful Vocabulary?

  12. Staying Focused and Calm

  13. Being Mindful of Others on Your Team

  14. Developing Your Mindful Practice

  15. Mindfulness in The Midst of Selling

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