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Selling Mindfully in Today's World 

To be successful, and happy, it is no longer enough to have good sales skills, knowledge or techniques.  Salespeople need to live and sell mindfully, because people are looking for real connectedness, creativity, care and trust to make a decision. Mindfulness sales training brings these to the fore.
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Founded in 1994, and headquartered in New York City, IPG provides sales consulting, development and training to companies in the US and  around the world.

We help companies and individuals exceed sales goals through sales consulting, training and leadership training. 


IPG is known for its in-depth knowledge, innovation and insights in the world of sales and sales training. Some of these are"


Most recently, IPG has added a  program on Selling Mindfully. The value of this program permeates sales organizations on  many levels, including, but not limited to better sales performance, happier customers, and mental wellness for sales personnel.

IPG has trained more than 25,000 people in 28 countries. We have helped multinational and national organizations, as well as many excellent companies in the SMB space.  

Some of our better known clients are:

  • mIQ digital

  • Innovant

  • Skimlinks

  • Rocketfuel

  • AT&T

  • Lotame

  • Dell

  • Gap In The Matrix


From preparing your day, to and through the end all of your sales activity,  you will be touched by, informed by, and practice selling more mindfully.


Via an abundance of discussion, practice and role playing, you and/or your team will integrate the key qualities of mindfulness into your approach, which will help differentiate yourself, and have an immediate and positive impact on your sales.

Mindful Coaching

Mindful Coaching, via discussion and lots of role playing, is a process that focuses on the here and now, and immediately impacts your current and future sales.


Your 1:1 coaching will strengthen your commitment to be more present, and accelerate mindfulness and the benefits into your sales practice. 

You and/or your team will be different, more authentic than your competition, and customers will want more of what you are selling.

Guest Speaking

Jonathan has been a guest speaker for over 20 years, enchanting large and small audiences with his insights, humor and ability to engage attendees.

Jonathan's speaking is not only motivating, but offers tangible skills and knowledge people can use afterwards.

Cisco, BT, IBI, Polycom, Mitel, mIQ and many more have walked away feeling inspired and empowered to make a change.

About Jonathan London

Jonathan has trained and coached over 20,000 people worldwide. He has written 2 books on selling, and his 3rd "Selling Mindfully" is to be published in 2020. He has trained some of the best known companies in the world, and some of the best companies you may have never heard of.


He has had a mindfulness/meditation practice since he was in college. 

In his book, Selling Mindfully workshops and coaching, he brings all of this experience together to make you the best, most successful, and happiest salesperson you can be.

He is the father of two beautiful daughters, has two wonderful grandchildren, is the youngest of 4 siblings, is a good friend, partner and owner of his dog Maia.

He hopes that all of our mindful selling practices  will contribute to the health and betterment of our world.

An excerpt from Jonathan London's Upcoming Book

"Selling Mindfully

Presence in the Midst of Selling"


The goal of this book is to offer you a more mindful selling approach so you exceed your sales goals. Using your current approach, you can also be more mindful. You can foster kindness, creativity,  inclusiveness, joy, and care into your approach. Everyone gains. The clients have a better experience and you sell more.

We are currently in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. The disease’s influence has profoundly affected everyone. 

Current times are showing us that all our lives are intertwined. From the postman, grocery clerk, individual to the first responders. From the salesperson to the customer. We are all, in some way, dependent and inter-dependent on each other.


People’s best and most noble qualities have risen during these times. Acts of kindness, charity, creativity, sharing and aiding others worldwide have been renewed.

Rather than just defining your role as making your sales targets and making money,  we can now choose to be more mindful, kinder, more caring and empathetic in our sales approach. 

This book goes deeper than the common understanding and important benefits of mindfulness (i.e. being relaxed and calm). “Selling Mindfully” discusses and integrates the wonderful qualities and attributes that lie beneath this into your daily sales approach, which will make you better people and better salespeople. A  salesperson who is more sensitive to the sales environment and prospect will sell more effectively and have a richer life.

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Why Selling Mindfully in Today's World

is So Important? 

Even with all the technological advances and data/information in our lives, people are no happier, and are yearning for real connectedness with everyone and everything. Our being alone during this virus has fed that yearning, and salespeople now have a great chance to create a more trusting, creative and valuable world, while selling to their prospects and customers. A world where you sell more and prosper, because your sales has an added value and dimension that people want.

As a profession,  salespeople deal with a tremendous amount of pressure to be successful and make money, but it doesnt necessarily bring happiness. In fact, it might just add to the pressure that makes one unhappy. Selling Mindfully explores, and shows you how being more mindful will help ease the tensions and stress of being a modern day salesperson, while simultaneously yielding better results and a happier life.

It will cultivate many of the most important elements, attributes and affects of being mindful. Qualities such as compassion, creativity, happiness, unity, insight, kindness  balance and caring.


You will be a better salesperson, and the world will become a better place because of it. 

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Selling Mindfully
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