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5 Minutes

This week has been particularly stressful. I feel like I need to get out of Dodge (aka NYC) so have burdened myself with a lot of big decisions. Where to live, when, what to pay. Oh, and I need a car so what kind, how much. Do I rent instead of buy. Do i do it now or wait till prices subside? And the backdrop to all of this is the pandemic, phased openings, financial security, social injustice and global warming.

Stress prevents mindfulness. I got caught up in the strength and convictions of my thoughts and the decisions I feel I need to make. The affect is being inability to focus, impatience, narrowing of thought, less feeling or empathy and being less connected.

Because of my practice, I catch myself sooner than later and remind myself to take 5 minutes to rest (doing longer is difficult). There are so many ways for me to do this. I can be with my breath, feel my body, listen to sounds, listen to a guided meditation and more.

After doing these, I feel better. And when I start feeling wound up again, and when I can remember, I take another 5 minutes.

Try it, you'll like it!

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