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It's Good to Be "Out of Your Mind" - Focus and Calm Amidst The Virus

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Are you distracted and unable to focus for reasons you can, and sometimes cannot identify. Are you feeling off-balance and more anxious? You are not alone. Many people are feeling like this.

So how can mindfulness help? By quieting your mind, you will naturally be more focused and calm. By being present with whatever you are doing, the energy of anxiety and worry fade, or disappear all together. And in its place is calm. When you are feeling calm, patience, care and other good qualities become more prevalent. Qualities that are always important, but never more so than now.

So how do you become more mindful? If you can, sit and practice every day. If your normal sitting is 20 minutes, but can only be 5 because you are anxious, great. During the day, when you see yourself spinning out thinking, or feel anxious in your body, pause or stop, and feel your feet on the ground, your butt in the seat, look at something beautiful or feel your breath. Notice things around you. A color, an aroma, a sound. And just stay with it for a little bit. When the thoughts or nervousness pop up, don't give in and stop. Gently, nicely, kindly bring your mind and focus back to your body and breath or whatever your focus was. Remind yourself that anxious moments, like all moments pass. You can say while breathing in "calm" and when breathing out "ease or relax". When you are doing a task, do the task. If you are typing, type. Feel your fingers on the screen or keyboard. If you are Zooming, just Zoom. Focus on whatever you are doing. Try not to multitask. And when you spin out, don't get upset. Just bring yourself back to what you are doing and breathe.

Don't pressure yourself to do everything, or everything perfectly. Get the most important

things done. Simplify.

In between events, take 5 minutes to walk, or stretch. or whatever. Play calm music in the background. Do what you can to support yourself gently. and quiet the thinking mind!

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